Class SqlQueryResolverComposite

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    SqlQueryResolver, org.springframework.core.Ordered

    public class SqlQueryResolverComposite
    extends Object
    implements SqlQueryResolver, org.springframework.core.Ordered
    A SqlQueryResolver that delegates to others.
    Marcel Overdijk
    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlQueryResolverComposite

        public SqlQueryResolverComposite()
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      • getOrder

        public int getOrder()
        Specified by:
        getOrder in interface org.springframework.core.Ordered
      • setOrder

        public void setOrder​(int order)
      • resolveSqlQuery

        public String resolveSqlQuery​(String sqlQueryName)
                               throws HawaiiException
        Description copied from interface: SqlQueryResolver
        Resolve the given sql query by name.

        To allow for SqlQueryResolver chaining, a ViewResolver should return null if a sql query with the given name is not defined in it.

        Specified by:
        resolveSqlQuery in interface SqlQueryResolver
        sqlQueryName - name of the sql query to resolve
        the sql query, or null if not found (optional, to allow for SqlQueryResolver chaining)
        HawaiiException - if the sql query could not be resolved (typically in case of problems resolving the sql query)