The Hawaii Framework is a Java framework for developing Spring based applications.

Combining Spring Boot and the Hawaii production-ready features and auto configuration brings even more power and simplicity to developers, without sacrificing flexibility.

The Hawaii Framework is developed internally at ilionx (formerly QNH) and is used in projects for medium and large enterprise customers. Hawaii is open source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.


  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Boot


  • Hawaii opinionated auto configuration
  • Hawaii Starters - based on Spring Boot architecture
  • Hawaii Async - async task executor with kill switch
  • Hawaii Logging - advanced E2E transaction and call logging
  • Hawaii Validation (including detailed REST errors) - inspired on Spring's Validator/Errors
  • Hawaii REST sugar
  • Hawaii Test sugar
  • And more to come...


Version Documentation
3.0.0 M24 MILESTONE Reference | API
3.0.0 BUILD-SNAPSHOT Reference | API
2.0.0 M20 MILESTONE Reference | API
2.0.0 BUILD-SNAPSHOT Reference | API